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New York

EURAMI re-accreditation

FAI has one of the best air ambulance setups world-wide

Quality Policy

The FAI Air Ambulance medical team (doctors, nurses and paramedics) aims at providing the best possible medical care to the patient. To achieve this objective it adheres to principles and guidelines of the EURAMI Accreditation Standards which are periodically revised criteria regarding the air medical service level of quality in terms of capabilities, medical management and qualifications, aircraft´s configuration and equipment, operational issues, communications, quality management, and/or specific requirements for fixed wing aircrafts. These Accreditation Standards are based on legal standards of the European Union (European Standards, e.g. EN 13718-2), International expertise and the experience of leading European air medical services.The European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI) is an independent agency which audits and accredits fixed-wing and rotary wing air medical transport services as well as ground inter-facility critical care services world-wide to a set of industry-established criteria.

In July 2016 FAI passed for the second time the EURAMI re-accreditation audit according to the new quality standards showing proof that FAI has one of the best air ambulance setups world-wide.

EURAMI Certificate

Eurami accredited provider