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Patient focused services at an affordable pricing! Fast - Safe - Reliable

Medical Crew

FAI follows international guidelines for the composition of medical crew. The crew personnel consist of specially trained physicians and paramedics, and the required qualifications as per FAI Medical Operation Manual (MOM) are main conditions for the operation:

  • certified specialist / eligible for specialty certification in a clinical specialty requiring compulsory additional intensive care training
  • routine management of intensive care patient as an integral part of own ongoing medical practice
  • at least six months experience in a physician staffed emergency medical system
  • knowledge of the fundamentals of flight physiology and patho-physiology
  • participation in a special introductory course and training flight under supervision, prior to integration into the medical staff pool
  • participation in a flight safety training program
  • regular participation to in-house continuing medical education program including crew resource management training
  • minimum of 12 air ambulance flights per year as a prerequisite to renewal of employment

On board treatment strictly adheres to valid international standards, and it is coordinated with the multilingual physicians in charge of medical decisions on the clients behalf, as well as with the hospitals and clinics involved at both ends of the transfer. If so desired, the patient’s own or the client’s physician can participate in the flight. FAI is also happy to help the client select an appropriate specialized hospital or clinic at the receiving end. An experience of almost 30 years in this field can be used for the benefit of FAI clients.

Patient focused service at an affordable pricing!

Flight Crew

Competence and experience in the cockpit.

Besides routine check flights, our pilots undergo at least once per year regular Simulator-Check-Rides, which is more than by EASA / FAA required. But it’s the only way to proof that our pilots will be able to handle any situation in a perfect manner. All our Pilots in Command must show several thousands of flight hours in their records. That’s only one of several special company regulations, what reflects that our pilots always are more experienced than actually required by the civil aviation authorities.

FAI’s pilots all have a broad knowledge of worldwide air ambulance flight services. Among the selection criteria for hiring, the pilots must be able to document an extensive experience of several years in the field of special flight services.

With destinations in more than 100 countries, including hostile areas like Iraq or Afghanistan, FAI demonstrates safe and reliable services.

Operations Control + Quoting

The staff in FAI’s operation centre is available around the clock for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Professional flight operation staff is providing the client with quotation calculations and is carefully planning each ambulance flight, individually and in a very short time. As a result FAI´s clients will receive a detailed quotation including relevant items such as avialability, flight-times and stopovers within an hour after receipt of the request.

A comprehensive know-how regarding all aspects of flight planning, including the obtaining of landing and overflight permissions, knowledge of the infrastructure and services of all airports worldwide is provided by FAI´s exceptionally qualified dispatch personnel. This knowledge and an extensive experience in all aspects of air ambulance operations allow FAI to guarantee to it´s clients a professional, efficient and seamless case management.

Fast - Safe - Reliable

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